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Content Creation & Operations Platform,
for b2b marketers.

Fuelled by market insights.

Collaborate with sales, cs and product 
to turn market insights 
into content gold.

  • Centralise and analyze your entire content library

  • Collaborate with your team members to share valuable insights

  • Click-to-Create insight-driven, revenue-inducing content

  • Distribute content to your ideal target audience and customers

Cohesv Platform

The reality is...

B2B buyers want to do majority of the research

on your products/services

before sales get involved. 

Which means...

✅ The quality of the content you create, is more crucial than ever before.


🔑 Effective collaboration

is the key to quality content.

Content is a team sport.


It's time to put them to use! 👇

And you know how

Sales, CS & Product

gain insights from speaking with

prospects and customers?


Are you struggling with X?


Yes! And don't get me started on Y...

Collab & Create Studio 

AI content tools lack a crucial component: INTELLIGENCE

AI content creation is so ≈ 2023.

Yes, we use AI, but only to enhance the human insight provided.

This enables relevant, tailored, and impactful content creation - at scale

Get Insights From Your Team...

Turn Insights Into Content

Content Library.

You can go ahead and retire those spread-sheets and centralize your content into a single, intelligent location

Your content stored and tagged by audience segment, persona,

buying stage and more.

Cohesv Content Library

Health Dashboard

Keep your content health,


Monitor the health and quality of your entire content library.

Your current and future content assets are constantly analysed to understand how the health and quality of your content stacks up.

  • The Cohesv Health Quad™ matches content attributes to the buying journey of your target audience

  • The Cohesv Attribute Radar provides a quick overview on various content attributes

Health & Quality Dashboard

Campaign Manager

Distribute your content in campaigns across multiple channels 

Manage targeted content campaigns 

You're centralizing, collaborating, and creating content - why would you go somewhere else to manage campaigns?

  • Create campaigns from any content pieces housed within the platform

  • Distribute to your website, LinkedIn and more

  • Set budgets and timelines for when scheduled content should be live

Campaign #1

Master your content.
Scale your growth.

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